House at the foot of High Tatras

Spišská sobota, Slovakia
Site Area:
Built Up Area:
Usable Area:
Project team:
Rado Buzinkay, Andrej Ferenčík, Jakub Viskupič, Ján Šimko

Spišská sobota is a picturesque town at the foot of the High Tatras mountain range with history stretching as far back as 13th century. Now a district of neighbouring Poprad city, it has lately been experiencing rapid growth and uncontrolled suburbanisation. Uniform houses lacking any relation to the surroundings are being built along uniform streets with no sidewalks or public greenery.

In an attempt to improve this situation we persuaded the client to cede roughly 10% of his land so that a green belt can be planted along the street. This relocated land border is where the house itself is set. A spacious living room, kitchen and dining room on the ground floor are oriented to the southern garden. First floor is rotated diagonally to ground floor, with rooms shifted relative to each other and thus creating an open family room with a panoramic view of High Tatras.

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